Goji berries.Properties & Contraindications

Goji berries contain two essential nutrients for healthy vision: zeaxanthin and lutein.Goji berries are in fact among those that are called superalimenti (superfood) because of their high concentration of vital substances compared to any other fruit or vegetable in the world.Goji berries are some of the best dried fruits, but they are less than classic multivitamin berries; they are therefore suitable for those who want a nutraceutical solution without pills.Where to buy quality Goji berries?Anti-aging properties, in this regard have been successfully tested also cosmetics based on Goji berries.Goji is a plant typical of Tibet, Mongolia and China, although its environment of choice is Hymalaia.They are also certified by the “European Institute for Food Safety” and are considered one of the most powerful naturally occurring antioxidants.For centuries consumed by the peoples of China and Mongolia, goji berries have been among the most powerful antioxidants known in the plant world.This goji variety differs greatly from the Lycium Chinense antagonist.

The study is entitled: Effect of the Lycium barbarum polysaccharides on age-related oxidative stress in aged mice?They help strengthen the immune system, detoxify the liver, improve muscle endurance, support the body during periods of high stress and support hydration and elasticity of the skin.better tonic and elasticity of the skin) and peptidoglycans.These special berries come from Tibet, are really known and appreciated for their properties in the East for millennia, are native to the Himalayas, Nepal and Mongolia, even the name Goji, comes from the term Chinese berries.They are fruits with immediate organic bioavailability: they are immediately recognized by our organism, which immediately succeeds in breaking them down.Bringing seasonal fruit and vegetables to the table is a double saving: both economically and healthily.Celebrated today for their incredible beneficial properties, Goji berries have been known for thousands of years to the people of China and Mongolia who have always used them both as food and to protect their health.Goji berries are included in low-calorie diets because they make you lose weight and also help to maintain weight.Also on Amazon there are seeds bags for a few euros; for example: 50 seeds at 4.95 euros.

We can find Goji seeds or seedlings online, either directly in botanical centres or in specialised nurseries.Most commercially available Goji berries come from the Tibetan plateau, between the Xizang and Qinghai valleys.Most of the time they are added to herbal teas or juices or wines.Today it is quite simple, in fact, just order online or buy at a seed nursery, possibly organic, or seedlings.The fruit is usually ripe at the end of summer and the berries are harvested only when they have reached full maturity.If children take the habit of consuming them every day, they exert a very effective preventive action of cancer on their bodies.Every week you will receive the newsletter with the latest articles and events for body and mind wellness.Zhang Jingyue (1563-1640), in his famous Chinese herbal medicine book, explains how to create kidney pills and remedies, among the ingredients he mentions and describes the use of lycium.An advantage in the cultivation of the potted plant, and it is undoubtedly its practicality?, in the sense that we can move it to the sunny corners of the house.

In the world of food and nutrition, concepts are often ironed out and even falsified, as in the case of Parmigiano Reggiano.Sleep is one of the toughest topics for many people.They are often used in sweets, but perhaps you do not know that inserting the berries inside the creams or dough can drastically improve the assimilation of sugars inside your body.However, there is no scientific research carried out on humans that could really prove these benefits.However, excessive doses and unconscious consumption without common sense of this fruit has contraindications that can cause unpleasant side effects.Finally, a tip: look at the label and the origin of this longevity fruit?Finally, turn the berries from time to time for more uniform drying.How many berries a day?For this reason they are used in low-calorie diets by those who wish to lose weight.However, you cannot always find the optimum conditions for storing and selling berries to these retailers.

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